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Automobile Engineering Book By Kirpal Singh Free Download Pdf




and epub are in site. need urgent help about this topic A: It depends what you mean by a battery terminal. If you mean the electrical contact which the battery makes with the negative terminal of the alternator, then I think you have only one such contact on the rear. This is commonly called the negative post and often has a short-bar type bolt or clamp which is tightened to hold the battery in place. If you don't have a short-bar clamp, then it probably came with the alternator as it is a universal design. If you do have a short-bar clamp, you will have to unscrew it to remove the battery. If it is tight, you will have to cut it off. If you mean the positive terminal of the alternator, then you have two of these. See the red arrows? One on the front and one on the rear of the alternator. The contact on the front (in the diagram) is the high voltage one. It is commonly used as a positive ground in vehicle electronics. The contact on the rear is the low voltage one. It is only used for charging the battery. Most cars have 12v lead-acid batteries (2x6v cells in series) and you will find that the negative post of the alternator is the one that is raised higher above the ground than the positive terminal. ]{}, 044904 (2002). M. I. Gorenstein, S. N. Yang, and S. M. Wong, Phys. Rev. C [**67**]{}, 014903 (2003). C. S. Zhou and J. L. Ping, Phys. Rev. C [**77**]{}, 064901 (2008). C. S. Zhou, Phys. Rev. C [**78**]{}, 034907 (2008). C. S. Zhou, G. Q. Li, and C. C. Chang, J. Phys. G [**37**]{}, 075108 (2010). C. S. Zhou, Phys. Lett. B [**625**]{}, 212 (2005). C. S. Zhou, Phys. Rev. C [**74**]{}, 014902 (2006). C. S. Zhou, Phys. Rev. C [**76**]{},




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Automobile Engineering Book By Kirpal Singh Free Download Pdf

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